A Historical Heritage: The Evil Eye Bead

A Historical Heritage: The Evil Eye Bead

The evil eye bead, which adorns our clothes, jewelry, and even our houses; its history dates back to the time as far as human history and fascinates us with its image, has different properties. The evil eye bead, which has found its place in many civilizations and is often used, is a blue symbol that is believed to protect people from bad energy and negative situations. This bead, which decorates our homes and even our clothes, has been used by different societies for hundreds of years. It consists of white rings located in a blue round stone and a dark blue or black core. It fascinates us with both her attractive appearance and her energy.

What is the Story of the Evil Eye Bead?

The history of the evil eye bead used by many different societies dates back to the Shamanism belief of Central Asia. According to Shamanism, the ancient belief of the Turks who lived in Central Asia not so many years ago, the evil eye bead protects people from bad energy. It was believed that the evil eye bead prevents a person from being exposed to bad energy, especially when successful, beautiful, intelligent, or talented people are envied by other people. It was also believed that the person who wears the evil eye bead will get rid of jealousy and bad luck.

What is the Place of the Evil Eye Bead in History?

The evil eye bead was also used extensively in ancient Egyptian civilization. It was believed that the evil eye bead, which is believed to be the eye of the god Horus, whose one eye is the Sun and the other eye is the Moon, protects a person from evil energy. It was also believed that the God Horus, who defeated his enemy, was the king of life. It was thought that the evil eye bead representing the eye of Horus could also defeat enemies. 

The Babylonian and Sumerian civilizations also used the evil eye bead to protect themselves from evil energy and the evil eye. It has been believed that the evil energies of malicious envious people come out of their eyes and negatively affect people. For this bad energy not to affect the person, these evil eye beads in the form of eyes were made. Thanks to these eye-shaped beads, bad energy is prevented from affecting the person.

This symbol, which is often used by Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu communities, has become almost a cultural heritage. It is believed that people are protected from negative energy thanks to this symbolic eye, which the Egyptian glass masters introduced to the whole world. This symbol, which is also very satisfying from a visual point of view, has also brought together people of many faith and cultures. The evil eye bead, which creates an authentic air, continues to exist as our common value.

You can protect yourself from negative energy with our evil eye beaded designs, which we often include in our jewelry and which have an authentic air. Thanks to the evil eye beads on our bracelets and necklaces, you keep bad luck away from yourself. Our stylish designer jewelry that you can easily combine with all your clothes is with you. The blue shades of the evil eye bead will protect you from all the negative. Always be positive with the evil eye bead!


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